What Is Shiatsu

It is an alternative (natural) health care. Primarily developed in Japan, its basic principles derive from Traditional Chinese Medicine, ancient traditions of the Far East, and Zen Buddhism. Shiatsu techniques help balance the energetic system of a person and this way help support the processes of natural self-healing of body, and soul.

For this purpose, there are various stretching and releasing techniques used in Shiatsu practice, especially different kinds of pressure or touches applied to the so-called energy channels on human body (physically, parts of human body). The aim is to balance the levels of body´s energy (Ki or Chi), and release it – where there is stagnation, or overflow, and fill it in – where there is deficiency.

Advice on balanced nutrition, lifestyle and other counselling is an inseparable part of every Shiatsu treatment.

Shiatsu, being a holistic approach to health care, is widely used to tap into, and level the inner balance and emotions of a human being. It is, therefore an extremely useful tool to support people under pressure and emotional distress or passing through a difficult phase of their lives.

It works perfectly as prevention, as well, and a way to induce emotional and physical state of balance, and harmony. Shiatsu treatment is a unique way to become more conscious of one´s body and needs. Oftentimes, being an impulse for triggering deeper personal and spiritual growth.

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