The Way I work

I don’t see myself as a healer, I am a mediator, through whom the universal energy flows towards the client. An intermediary who is in a powerful connection with the Universe as well as the Client, guided only to do what needs to be done… stretching, caressing, pressing or just a simple touch of a palm, or fingers… where needed. Sometimes, I am using tools, like tuning-forks, cups, scarf, or MOXA …, and various techniques, which I combine following my intuition. During the treatment I am very attentive … towards the signals that I am sensing and react sensitively. It is a continuous contact with the Universe, the client and with what I know and feel.

Body and Soul of the Client thrive, blockages open and all that is not needed anymore can be released. And vice versa, the Client being fully relaxed absorbs everything that is needed. Clean, healing Energy. Awakening their own process of self-healing.

Set up in Matrix, we sometimes get entangled in non-functional patterns of behaviour which can be harmful to our Bodies and Souls. Exhausted, we get to a point where we need an impulse and support. Somebody who is inspiring, shows us the way, reminds us... who we really are, or what options and opportunities we have.

My whole life has been a journey of self-healing and personal growth. Each treatment becomes the same transformative process, really. Therefore, every Shiatsu treatment is a gift for me. It is a beautiful experience of Oneness and Unity. Love in pure form. Helping others, I get helped either. In the powerful stream of Energy pouring down I go through my own healing, automatically and naturally. What is more, every Client is my own mirror, so that I do not learn only by improving the “diagnostics and techniques to perfection”. The person coming to a treatment always brings up the same topis that are “mine”. We heal each other, mutually.

The process of treatment:

Each treatment is preceded by consultation and diagnostics; it usually takes no more than half an hour. The assessment is made mostly based on diagnostic methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine, questioning, observing (abnormalities in clients' vitality, complexion, tongue and others), and palpation (examining by touching) of certain diagnostic areas of the body – all following my intuition. According to the results of the diagnostics I choose both the corresponding channels, or meridians (physically, parts of the body) to be treated, and suitable techniques to be used. A general framework of the treatment is appointed. It is, however, evolving in harmony with the client´s reactions, and information/perception I get or become “aware of” in the process. Shiatsu is done on the ground, on a soft pad. In the case it caused problems to the client, we could alternatively use a massage table. The treatment takes approximately about an hour.

If It is the client´s wish, we talk after the treatment, about what is needed. If he/she wants I give them a recommendation concerning lifestyle changes, herbal products, self-treatment of particular acupressure points, and their personal/spiritual growth.

According to the possibilities of the client, it is suitable to have the Shiatsu treatment repeatedly. However, it is not a rule.

…You can find more information about my work in the section “Interesting”. There is also a case from my practice.

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