The Way I work

People I have and can help - they always arrive. What needs to be healed here and now - with me and with my help - tends to be healed.

I feel my clients in my body, even before we meet, I already know roughly what is bothering them. Information is coming to me, various ways. Practically through all the senses.

I don't have long conversations with my clients before treatment. I'll just briefly explain how I work and let's get to it. This is to limit the effects of our minds (egos) on the results. This eliminates possible assumptions and projections. They won't really help you.

I always vibrate in UNITY when healing. And I give freedom to my body and soul. Let him do WHATEVER is needed. I work simultaneously with both the physical and the energetic body of the client. I see and feel his illnesses, various damages and imbalances. Places where negative experiences and traumas were recorded. I work with it, through my hands, but also in other ways. I "repair" and supplement - where there is a lack of energy. I also see the client's traumas and experiences in images, what happened comes to me. We often look into past lives, the client or even ancestors. But always only to the "first one". That is, where the initial event occurred, resulting in the karmic knot. In all subsequent births, it just repeated itself, only in different ways. If I have permission, I can also “reset” this karma. 

The souls affected by the treatment also enter the healing space. The living and the dead/unborn yet, there is no difference. It is often someone from the family, or from the ancestors, from this generation or even from a very old one. There is no difference here either, healing is governed by neither space nor time. I see those souls, events, even very ancient ones, and I can describe them... These souls, through me, communicate with the client. We deal with them as needed. There are often many explanations: what happened and why. And then also to forgiveness, reconciliation, settlement and release. Sometimes even to overwrite the previous event. This is hard to explain, but it works. 

Lately, I've been watching a shift in this "work" as well. In the process of healing, the karmic knot will only show itself to me, on all levels. Subsequently, my vibrations will increase significantly. I continue to see and feel the karma dissolving. There is no need to go into details, to worry about it further, to analyze it. Everything will happen quickly, beautifully and "by itself".

Beings who support the client in this life also often come. Living or non-living, sometimes even non - material beings of light. They help us in the process. Everything flows quite naturally, images, information, souls, work on the body... I just react and heal what comes to me. Sometimes it is necessary not only to energize the client but also to activate the kundalini energy, to connect the chakras, to release stagnation. It is often necessary to let go of something, to take it away. They are either unwanted entities/souls (energy parasites) or just foreign energy that the client has taken over from others and is harming him. 

During the treatment, I work completely intuitively. I also often use shiatsu techniques where and as needed. I release and supplement the pathways according to Chinese medicine and also treat acupressure points. Where I feel it will help. Sometimes I also massage and it's fine. The client relaxes and we both relax a bit, from solving more difficult topics. Therefore, I never know what course your treatment will have. Everyone needs something different. And I'm here to HELP. Not to strictly follow some "procedures".

I communicate with my clients during treatment. Here it is already appropriate. I connect directly with the client's soul. And then two egos are not playing their patterns here, but SOURCE = two souls communicate, in their pure essence. And what comes to us, what opens up, is ALWAYS the truth and not a construction. And everything leads to a solution. With great support from beings of light who help us. 

The immediate feelings after the treatment are, most often: a great rush of energy or, on the contrary, fatigue - the treatment is strong (I transfer a large amount of energy to the clients), and often also feelings of lightness. "As if I put down a heavy backpack, freed myself" - they often describe it to me. And also relief - understanding what was, and is, and why. Sometimes even amazement at what happened, absent-mindedness and a certain confusion - energy has changed, topics have been clarified - it has to "sit down". After treatment, I always recommend drinking a lot and resting. It is needed. 

If the client wishes, I will complete the diagnosis according to Chinese medicine after the treatment. I will recommend complete herbal therapy, suitable diet, self-treatment of acupressure points, we will discuss psychosomatics, explain topics and anything else that is needed. 

If you want, I can also make your own tincture - tailored. In addition to the certainly suitable "content substances" (see above), I also put healing energy into it, for everyone, individually. Actually, the process of making the tincture is the same for me as the healing itself. It's just faster.

The results of treatment then depend on the client's readiness to move. From his willingness to change what is needed. Do something about it. Leave the victim and take life into your own hands. But there always are some, both on the body and on the soul. And they often "catch up" for a longer period of time. This is my practice and results - according to my clients' feedback.   

My work and support does not have to end with healing. If the client wishes, I stay in touch with him. Available to advise and help, often not only in the first days after treatment. I'm glad you're moving in any way. I'm glad you're taking care of yourself. By doing so, you are taking responsibility for your health, your life, and basically everything you create. I try to fully support you in this. I rejoice with you and it fulfills me very much.



In the same way as in physical contact, I also work with clients remotely. All I need is the client's photo (portrait) and name, but I often have worked without it. For now, I mostly worked independently. Recently, "online" treatment has also opened up to me, i.e. with phone in hand. But not for every client, it's individual.

I will summon the energy of the client, which will happen only if his soul agrees with it. I then scan his energetic and physical body. I feel the client's problems clearly in my physical body and I can also directly see them in his. It can easily be hundreds of kilometers away, it is not important at all. And then I work straight away. Sometimes with the hands, as with physical healing. Often directly through our chakras. Treatment is often painful for me, but at the same time so wonderful... Furthermore, its course is very similar to that of physical treatment. I move energies, release their blockages, remove foreign entities, "charge".

Here, too, souls come into the space that relate to the treatment or are supposed to help us. And they often communicate not only with me but also with each other. It seems as if "constellations" are naturally forming in my space, and I just move and supply energy, where it is needed: forgiveness somewhere, acceptance,  love, reconciliation... Here, too, all with the great support of other beings lights. It is an absolute beauty. 

After the treatment, I will tell the client all his progress, messages and recommendations for his further growth and recovery. Even remote healing is fully intuitive. If the client wishes, we can also carry out online diagnostics in order to select herbs (foreign and locally grown too) and a suitable diet, or any other advice according to TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE. For online diagnosis according to TČM, please always fill out the questionnaire and send a photo of the tongue. 

The results of in-person healing and remote healing are very similar. It also depends on the state of health of the client and the level of activity of his kundalini energy. In case of serious health problems and completely inactive kundalini energy, I recommend using personal healing - in this case, the results are better.

Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the treatment, especially in the case of a serious medical condition or difficult topics. I mostly "purify" the karmic themes of the client generation (clan) in solitude. Often after the first personal visit to the client. This is because a substantially much higher level of vibration is required here than is required to heal one person.  But lately everything happens in one treatment and with his physical participation. Probably my shift or mayby It depends on the readiness of the client and the level of his vibration.


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