Healing and learning ("channeling") is an expenditure of energy and therefore I have and also receive an APPROPRIATE COMPENSATION for it. Otherwise, the flow of energy is unbalanced (giving and receiving) and an unwanted energy bond - DEBT - arises between me and the client.

The recommended price of the healing, including personal diagnostic and consultation, is about CZK 500 per half an hour.. The average time is about 1,5 hour, including consultationbut it depends what you need at the moment.

In Prague I add the necessary cost for space and travel to the stated price, which comes out to 500 CZK per client, if there are two.  

 The treatment should be available to everyone, so an arrangement is possible if you dont have enought money. 

The price of further consultations, including detailed selection of herbs for phytotherapy, diet choice, acupressure points for self-treatment choice.....etc. takes another considerable time. No personal visit is required here and the amount of the financial contribution is voluntary. 


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