About Me

I find pleasure and delight in in every little and “great” thing in life as it is, and as it flows. In every present moment. Yet sometimes, I think to myself, I felt most happy and fulfilled in my life in the moments when: 1. my kids were born, 2. I started to work in the Medicine Wheel and 3. when I practiced Shiatsu for the very first time.

I am 47 years old and I come from Slovakia. Since my early childhood, my perception and thinking drifted far away from what was widely considered as „common” expectations. Since being a child, I used to understand “other realities” much better than I did this world Here. I had always wanted to be a doctor or a vet since my early childhood, and at school, I was eager to read Jung´s work and various astrology books. My Soul had chosen an exceedingly difficult path through to find its way toward light and fulfillment. Since birth, it went through deep darkness and initiations. Professionally, I followed quite a different path as well, for a long time. Although, a strong inner calling to help other people and animals heal, had always remained a part of me deep inside. It was not earlier than I turned 33 years, when I started my training, and soon after that my own shamanic practice. Retracting of dissociated parts of the Soul, extracting of discarnate energies /entities, transitioning of the deceased to afterlife, energy cleansing of houses and living areas, support to beings passing away…. and especially highly effective Medicine Wheel healing. It is overly intense and complex therapeutic method, partly like family constellation. 

Shortly before I turned 40, my heart chakra fully opened up, and my Kundalini energy has awakened too. From that time, everything is intensified, both perception and transformation: from a “victim“, towards a “creator“ of my own reality. Sacred power and guidance within me, are cleansing, healing and teaching me uncompromisingly, every day.

Approximately 8 years ago, I came to know shiatsu. I felt extremely excited and whole at the same time. Connecting work with the body and energy was exactly what I was missing. My bright mind has grown to fulfillment – diagnostics – were like intriguing detective stories, various stories of bodies and souls… With intuition and intellect, hand in hand, and with ardor, I enjoy finding the keys till today. I like the variety of techniques about shiatsu, and the playfulness. Interconnectedness of what I already know, what I have experienced, and what I have been practicing already, and what I have matured to. Shiatsu means grounding to me, as well, anchoring in the present moment. I enjoy the work so much, that I no longer have the need to “drift away”, and my mind is fully present, in the treatment and with the client – there and then. I simply love it, I also have wonderful results and I want to continue in this work, it has become a part of me now.

About two years ago my kundalini energy got massively stronger. I began to perceive and do things that I had never even dreamed of. The massive transformation changed everything for me. You can find beautiful articles about my fast and intense journey in the "INTERESTING" section or on my Facebook pages. Everything led me to love and self-acceptance: the GIFT of healing, my receptive body and my beautiful soul, which I no longer LIMIT and trust COMPLETELY. And so, I just started HEALING. People, spaces, animals. And stronger and stronger all the time. In person and remotely, the distance and time are irrelevant... You can find out about how I work and what I can do, truthfully and completely openly, in the "HOW I WORK" section. But it's best to try it. It's really great - :)

Education and training in the domain of alternative medicine:

  • Reiki of the 3rd Degree
  • 3-year complete shamanic training with Ivo Musil
  • Phonophoresis with Inge Schubert
  • Shiatsu, TCM and alternative medicine (Darja Shiatsu School, 3 years)
  • I continue studying of the 4st year at the School of the Traditional Chinese Medicine – field fytotherapy
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